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For your ABC tunes

Nota is a new app to manage your ABC tunes collection. Import, edit and play your tunes.

Nota app on the iPhone and iPad

A Trove of Melodies

With an archive of +40.000 tunes, Nota lets you pick and add those that you know to your repertoire. The archive is available also offline.

Edit your Tunes

Modify the ABC tunes directly; tweak every ABC field, modify the melody you have full control.

Score, ABC and Audio Previews

Display the first few notes of a tune to remember it, with score music or ABC.
Tap on play for an instant preview: a fast way to remember how that melody you half-know goes.

Remember old tunes, learn new ones

Play your tunes at your chosen speed. Pick among a selection of traditional instruments.
Consult your tunes by date of learning, keep track of your progress.

Turn your Tune List into a Full Repertoire

Import your tune from a simple text list, and get their ABC content automatically.
Of course you can also import ABC tune books or single tunes.
There's also a CSV import option, for migrating easily from Excel or Numbers.

Automatic sync

All your tunes are cloud-synced: use the iPhone or iPad interchangeably, see edits propagate almost in real time.

Your Data are Safe, no Lock-ins

Every time you you edit a tune, Nota generates a local backup copy that you can export. If you ever decide to stop using Nota, you can download your full tune book straightaway.